DoggScooters Team

Supporting Riders Here at DoggScooters we're passionate about the scooter community. We're riders ourselves, and since 2009, we've done everything we can to give back to the community, in any way we can. From supporting local events and competitions across the UK, to sponsoring international events and competitions. Now, when you place an order using a coupon code given out by one of our Team Riders, you get a great discount off your order, and you also give some money to that rider. We're now paying over 10 riders across the world every month. We appreciate everything our riders do to help us, and we're proud to be able to show that appreciation.


Jonny Carter - Founder/Manager

Harry Walmsley - Customer service

Ethan Frost - Warehouse

Luke Spare - Mount Hawke Shop Manager

UK Team

Jake Smith

Brad Ackerman

Stanley Jones

Spencer Smith

Danny Roberts

Tom Lees

Ryan Marshall

Jonny Carter

Max Jackson

Jacob Quailey

Tom Holt

Sammy Peach

Jamie Hull

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EU Team

Henrik Palm

Toni Castillo

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USA Team

Tyson Rogers

Conor Ingmanson

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AUS Team

Jay Lanzon

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