Bones Reds Bearings (Pair)

  • by James Allen
    These bearings are sooooo good for the price and are long lasting and very fast and smooth, I would
  • by David Daniel
    good bearings smooth and fast need to lubricate them a bit as they strat to jam after time
  • by Robert Thomas
    amazing bearings just wondered how many you would need for a scooter 4 or 2 (or something else)
  • by george cumming
    very good bearings fast as u like amazing bearings a must have :)
  • by Matthew Woods
    Use them in my board all the time, work just aswell in scooters. Really good price on here cheaper t
  • by Leon Windsor
    These bearings are so fast and smooth and they dont make much noise at all. Deffinatley worth it!
  • by Freddie Hessian
    These bearings are great, VERY FAST absolutley 100% worth the money!!!!!!!
  • by luke painter
    good bearing all round i have known them to brake in scooters quite easy but i hear mixed comments b
  • by Jon Carter
    Really good bearings, been riding mine for months and they are still perfect and spin really fast.
  • by Joe Sale
    these bearings are awesome and such a good price, im riding with four atm and there soo fast!